Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Iceman Cometh 2013.......

The Iceman Cometh may be the biggest race in Michigan, however my post will be kinda brief.  More pictures than story because my weekend can be summed up pretty quickly......

Package pick up and a few other "goodies"!

This was a stacked field, with many Canadian and American National Team members in the mix!!

Iceman Recap  

Warm up: 40 min (shorter then I hoped for but I made the best of it)
Race start time:  2:33 pm
The elite women's field was so strong!  I had a great start and my legs felt really good.  I was sitting in about 6th position, tucked in nicely and holding comfortably when we got to the first sand pit.  I didn't have the right line and my front tire got pulled and off I went into the dead brush.  I couldn't keep my balance and landed on my a$$.  By the time I got up, realized I dropped my chain, fixed it, ran up the rest of the sand hill, I was dead last with no one in sight.  I stayed pretty calm and knew I had a battle ahead of me.  So I chased and chased.  I caught the back group and quickly made passes.  I stayed on the gas and brought the lead group back in sight.  There was one other racer that grabbed my wheel (Bridgett Widrig), she was able to give a few short pulls but we were unable to close the gap on the main group.  So it was chase until the end.  Soon enough the end was there, with an insane, cheering, rowdy crowd..... I came through in 7th!  I was happy with my race and there was not much more I could do... well other than not have crashed!

Teammates of past and present and........

How could we pass up the opportunity of snapping a "selfie" with a Canadian Olympian and World MTB Champion - Catharine Pendrel!! 

So what's next.... I thought I knew, but now I don't..... stay tuned..... 


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  1. Wonder Woman aka 'Sue', you're my hero and an inspiration :-) Rock hard, roll fast until the wheels fall off!