Monday, June 14, 2010

Ruby Sunday.......................

A last minute decision to race in Michigan on Sunday had Jay and I getting up early and making our way to Port Huron.  In actuality it may be one of the closer races for me, only about 1hr45min drive from home.  Tailwind promoted the race at Ruby.  It was a low priority race for me but the chance to race/ride at this venue had me going on a weekend I had planned to take off from racing. 
Ruby is original, the climbing is minimal (comparatively speaking to the O-Cups) but non-the-less still challenging.  There is a water crossing in which you cross 2 times per lap.  This year the water levels were higher than in the past and it came just above my knees.  The trail maintenance and layout is awesome thanks to the hard efforts of Team Sandbag.  
The mission/goal for the day was to be consistent, smooth and work on my flow.  That was exactly how I raced and the outcome was in my favour.  I took top spot on the podium and I was happy that I added the race to my weekend. 
It was alot of fun and the Michigan mountain biking scene is so friendly.  My team-mate Steve Dempsey put in a good effort, on his fully rigid Quiring, and came in 5th in the strong men's elite field.
Ruby Sunday was just what I needed!



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